Those that Drink's guide to provide you with the best Snappa rules. Although this game contains a table and a die and not much else, this is the quintessential gentleman’s game. Few have stepped onto a snappa table and achieved greatness. For those that have, we salute you. Enjoy your life, we know it’s already damn good.

Snappa is a gentleman’s game. Knowing this is of the utmost importance. We used to say that the only real rule in Snappa was to be a gentleman. Why is this rule essential to the legendary game of Snappa? Because without it we’re animals, crawling at each other’s skin and running around arguing about petty rules. Be a gentleman.  Competition drives us. It makes us who we are. The American Dream was built on it. This nation was built on competition. Competition and cordiality must go hand-in-hand (not at all moments in life, but in Snappa). The game is more fun when played with respect to the other players. Listen to them and understand what they are saying, they have an opinion just like you. Get caught up on the miniscule and you may find yourself bickering like children arguing about who got to the swing first. Nobody fucking wants that.

Snappa Drinking Game Rules:

snappaThe game is played with one die and four glass cups or mugs. We recommend getting a larger sized die (but not too big) as it makes the game more exciting. Set up a table and place all four glasses on the corners. For a rule of thumb use one full hand from each edge (as seen below) to place your glass. If you’re playing on a smaller table, you may want to only use a half hand.

One full beer is poured into each glass. You and your partner sit next to each other and play rotates from offense to defense. The team throwing the die is on offense and must attempt to throw the die in the air and have it bounce through the glasses. A point is scored when the other team fails to catch the die and it hits the ground.

Offense: The die may only be thrown underhand. None of that shooting-a-basketball type of shit. Toss it in the air. The die must go at least six feet above the table. If playing indoors, try to find somewhere with a higher roof or play that the die must go as close as possible to the ceiling. Snappa is intended to be played under the sun (hence why it originated in frat houses in Southern California), and the die is meant to be thrown high as fuck. The higher the toss, the more bounce the die will have.

Points can be scored in a variety of ways. If the die stays above the table (it cannot go off the side, only off the back) then it must be caught by the team on defense with one hand or a point is scored. If the die hits the glass and goes off anywhere and is not caught, the offensive team scores a point. If the die hits the glass but stays on the table and rolls a five, the offensive team scores a point.

  • Making it in the glass: If the die goes in the glass it is an automatic point and the defensive team must drink their entire remaining beer. After they finish, the die must be placed in the mouth and “spit out” onto the table. If it rolls a five, both teammates must drink another full beer. Yes, it happens and yes, it sucks. If you don’t drink another beer just quit. Don’t make any excuses.

Defense: This is about hand-eye coordination. Catch the die with one hand, that’s pretty much it. If it hits off a glass, you should probably dive.

Play: The die determines who goes first. One team rolls it and the other calls “high” or “low.” High is 4-6 and low is 1-3. If the caller chooses correctly they have first shot, if they choose incorrectly, the other team stars.Important: Before shooting, you must yell “snappa” and make sure the other team is prepared for your shot. If they aren’t paying attention, how can they catch the die? Again, this is part of the ‘gentleman’s game’ rules. After the first shot is thrown (let’s hope it’s a good one) the player diagonal to the original shooter is now up. Partners switch off and play continues like this this throughout the game.

Drinking: A player drinks for three different occasions but you always drink as a team.

  1. Missing the table. If the die doesn’t hit the table drink a third of your beer.
  2. If you are scored on you must drink a third of your beer, no matter what.
  3. Making a glass: Throwing the die into the cup forces the other team to drink their entire beer.

If you are too drunk, low on beer, or just a plain old pussy you can choose to play in fourths, fifths, sixths, etc.




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