Ride the Bus

Ride the Bus is a classic drinking card game that will definitely get the party started in a hurry.  This game works for 2 people or up to as many as 10 or so.  Honestly, I have always felt like this particular drinking game can be a little bit confusing so I tend to only play it with my more sophisticated buddies.  Like the ones who read books and have compelling conversations.  Obviously, not while getting wasted playing drinking games but they have it in them you know.  Alright, so let’s get this game set up. 

All you need is a deck of cards, some buddies, and table or the floor, and some beer.  Other alcohol of course is an option but beer works best if you want to actually get to the end of the game.

Phase One

First, choose someone to be the dealer. It doesn’t matter who you pick just maybe the friend with the best manual dexterity.  No one likes a dealer who can’t shuffle.

After a random shuffle, the dealer holds the whole deck face down and hands the top card to the player to his left.  Before the player sees the card the dealer asks the player a question.  The player gives his answer and then compares it to the card dealt.  If the player is wrong, they take a drink, if they are right; they pick some other player to drink.  Play continues around the circle for a total of four rotations. Each time the new rotation begins the dealer asks a different question. 

The first round question is “red or black”. The player gives his answer and then compares it to the card he is dealt.

 The second round question is “higher or lower” with aces high and 2’s low.

The third rotation is “in between or outside”.  This time the player must guess if the new card will be in between or outside the card value already in their hand. Identical cards are an automatic drink. 

The fourth rotation question is “pick a suit” (spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds).  In this round, a correct answer gives the player 5 drinks to assign.  This can be done anyway the player wishes whether all to one other player or split among 5 players. Of course if the answer is incorrect the player must drink.

Phase Two

At this point, each player has 4 cards.  The dealer now creates a pyramid using the remaining cards from the deck.  The bottom row will have 5 cards, the next row 4 cards and so forth to make a pyramid (5,4,3,2,1).  Now each row needs to be assigned a drink requirement.  There are no set rules for this so feel free to talk it out.  Just be sure everyone agrees and is clear before moving on in the game.  Examples are 1 drink for the bottom row, 2 drinks for the fourth row, 3 drinks for the third row and 8 drinks for the top, but please meet the desires of your friend group.  No reason to end the night sober.

At this point the dealer starts to turn the cards over one at a time starting with the bottom row.  When a player has a matching card they place it on top of card in the pyramid and assign the appropriate amount of drinks.  For example, if a queen is turned over and a player have 2 queens,  both cards are placed on top of the queen in the pyramid and the player assigns 2 drinks (1+1) based on the drink values used above.  Play continues to the top of the pyramid.  The player holding the most cards at the end of this part of the game is the loser and must Ride the Bus.  If two players end with the same number of cards, the player with the highest card is the loser.


How to Ride the Bus:

The loser of the game must now “ride the bus”.  To do so, the player must answer all four initial questions in a row.  In order to move to the next question, the player must answer the current question correctly.  If they answer wrong, they move back a question.  Play ends when all questions are answered correctly or you run out of cards.

Give this game a shot and you will not be disappointed.  I’ve had some great times sitting around a table with my friends playing a game of Ride the Bus!

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