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We are Those that Drink, a community of drinkers worn thin by the banality of everyday life. Our mission is to spread the truth that others have conveniently tucked away, like broken shards of glass kicked under the table. What exactly is the truth to us?

The truth to us is a focus on the individual that permeates outwards to the rest of the world. Start with yourself, focus your efforts on what’s inside and let your mind do the rest. Finding a purpose, a drive, a passion; it comes from development within.

Why do we drink? We drink because we have to. We drink because we want to. Most importantly, we drink because we love to.

Those that Drink are those that see. We are not drinkers that run around with their heads cut off by the oblivion of a black out. We are drinkers that love, and drinkers that live. We escape from the world through a bourbon buzz and a healthy hangover.

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Best Gluten-Free Vodkas – Vodka Not Made From Grain

Mmmmm Vodka!  It’s crisp and clean just waiting to be the perfect backdrop for your favorite cocktail. It’s like a dear old friend that always shows up just when you need them.  It’s there for you when you finish making delicious homemade lemonade and realize that...

Let’s face it, life is stressful. I’m talking to you, mister or misses I’m-old-enough-to-drink. That’s about the age where shit starts getting real. Your parents don’t want you living at home anymore because you suck and or they’ve already remodeled your room and turned it into a yoga studio. Bills start rolling in. Success keeps smacking you in the face on a daily basis as you watch your peers post Facebook statuses about their new fancy jobs. Or maybe you’re at the age where your friends are starting to get married… or worse and they’re popping out little crying human meatballs. Meanwhile you’re counting the coins in your cup holder to see if you have enough money to order the double nacho supreme from Taco Bell that night. Cue an oceans’ worth of tears. A drink sounds pretty good right now, doesn’t it?

Now if you’re on the other side of that and your life is more in order, or you’re marching up that social ladder, you’re not without stresses either. That deadline haunts you like a crazy ex. That baby cries during the night and makes that deadline harder to focus on during the day. Your spouse nags you about… well… everything. You’re currently holding that crying meatball watching your wife prepare you a kale salad for the evening. Don’t worry, you’ll get dressing. Nonfat. A drink sounds pretty good right about now, doesn’t it? So to all of you, old, young, happy, sad, divorced, married, single, stupid, smart, confused, unemployed, too employed, we say drink! But not to blackout and forget your problems until an entirely new one comes projecting out of your stomach and onto that person you’re trying to hook up with, to drink well! To loosen those tight shoulders. To take the edge off. To unleash that beautiful, dynamic person inside suffocating beneath the pressures of everyday life. Drinking doesn’t solve problems; it just helps us realize that they’re solvable. That would be until you wake up the next day with an angry hangover and your impending doom looms over you like a rain cloud.

Now I’m a huge proponent of drinking alone. It’s like sleep aid plus a nice flush of happiness. You get a bit more risky with your swiping on tinder. You don’t brush before going to bed because cavities ain’t got shit on you. Drinking with friends is fun too, and a lot more fun once you look up and realize that thirty rack is empty. But what’s more fun than being with buds, loved ones, or whoever, and playing drinking games? Not only are drinking games engaging, stupidly fun, and bring an entirely new element to sipping the booze with your friends, but they’re also nostalgic. Most of these games originated in a frat house or in someone’s garage, and most of us played them when we were in a frat house or in someone’s garage, so it’s like a throwback that helps you literally throwback your cocktails (anyone ever rode the bus into the back pages of their contacts to text every person you’ve been affectionate with because sometimes you just gotta’ let Rome burn?)

Think about it, drinking games are like music played at a party where no one really showed up; what’s worse than that silent white-noise reminding you that everyone is lame and not capable of being fun sober. They make people feel a bit more comfortable in their own skin, they take the pressure off having to interact or break the ice between those terrifying gorgeous strangers, they draw out conversation between people who otherwise would have never chatted that night, or draw out funny, spontaneous conversations between people who’ve been friends with years. Although it may seem that the point of drinking games is to get everyone in the room super fucked up, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Well kind of. They’re there to spice things up! To get the energy flowing! And to give you a whole other reason to sip that delicious beverage in your hand.

Drinking games also have this really special quality about them, because even if you lose you win. This argument changes depending on your BAC upon entering the game. Still – you lose, you just get to drink more. You win, that means you played, so that means you drank. And yet, that doesn’t mean the stakes are nonexistent and the players aren’t competitive. If anything, drinking games promote competition because you’re competing for a matter of principle, and when you’re drunk you’re extremely passionate about your principles… or they hop in a car and drive away from you completely.

Drinking games bring the party together, or make it a party when there is none. In a sense they’re like alcohol, because you’re able to drift further away from the shit you’re trying to get away from by drinking. Instead of sitting there in phase one of drunk, consumed by the dictionary-long list of reasons why you’re drinking, you can focus on the game. You can zero in and concentrate on wining against those former frat stars that are still struggling to come to grips with the fact that beer pong hasn’t been induced as an Olympic sport. You can try and call on your psychic senses when pulling those cards during king’s cup, hoping not to pull the last king and avoid drinking that mug of three different alcohols that’s been sitting there for so long it’s fermented. You can worry about not losing in ride the bus so you don’t have to ride that bus into memory loss.

No matter what you’re doing in life, how happy or miserable you are, we know a drink could do you some good. Drinking games can do you even better. Come on in and take a look at the knowledge we can share with you. We’re here to help your each enlightenment. We’re here to help you drink better. We’re here to provide you with the rules of drinking games meant to make you a better person. Most importantly, we’re here for you. We’re here because we’re one of you. We’re here because we know how to drink better than you. Listen to us, we’re the shit.

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