Harry Potter Drinking Game

In one way or another you’ve heard of it. Or maybe you were like every millennial ever and you read the first couple books growing up. And let’s be honest – you never really outgrew it. I mean, the idea of going to a school for magic and being the absolute best isn’t something you outgrow. In one way or another, Harry Potter speaks to you. Even if it is just to watch the later movies and stare at Emma Watson. Either way, check out our Harry Potter Drinking Game.

We’re here to introduce you to a game that allows you to drink while watching a childhood classic. This game will get you so drunk that you’ll actually be convinced you can cast a fix-your-crappy-life spell. Unfortunately, you are going to wake up in the morning and realize it didn’t actually happen and that no amount of magic could ever make you rich and living on an island somewhere. But hey, who knows, maybe you can drink your way onto a broom stick and play some Quidditch with your significant other. Or drink your way to seeing Voldemort at the bottom of your toilet. At the very least, you’ll be able to see Daniel Radcliff play a role that doesn’t involve a sex change… which you know… is nice for everyone.




Buckle up. Get your potions out. Drink some unicorn blood (Bloody Mary), maybe a butter beer, or honestly just concoct any potion you find desirable and slug it back by following the rules of this game. Join Harry on his conquest to discover the truth about his parents, become a dope skilled magic person, and watch as his best friend gets with just about the hottest girl in film (that accent is sexy!).


Hopefully by the end of it you’ll find yourself bumbling around like Dumbledore – only to fall and give yourself the same sort of scar on Harry’s forehead. Actually, don’t do that. Just drink, enjoy the movie, and drink.



Drink once when:

  • There’s a shot of the Great Hall, empty or filled
  • Ron mutters “bloody hell”
  • Harry catches (or swallows) the snitch
  • Someone important croaks (all people watching decide if they were important)
  • Mail is delivered or received via an owl
  • “Lumos” is used
  • A painting talks
  • We see Hagrid with a magical creature
  • The invisibility cloak is used
  • Anytime Harry or Dumbledore say Voldemort’s name and people cringe
  • “Wicked” is muttered
  • Dementors appear

Drink twice when:

  • The Weasley twins speak at the same time
  • We meet a new Professor of the Dark Arts
  • Someone speaks in Parseltongue
  • Anyone “snogs”
  • Harry’s scar burns
  • Hagrid mutters “I shouldn’t have said that”
  • James or Lily Potter are shown
  • Anyone receives more than 50 house points
  • Harry breaks magic law at the Dursleys

Finish your drink when:

  • Harry saves the day (cue majestic music)
  • An unforgiveable curse is used
  • Some form of Voldemort is first seen


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