Edward 40 Hands

Edward 40 hands is for degenerates. But that’s okay, because sometimes we like to have a little fun by remembering our roots. Never forget your roots, they say. Never forget.

Edwards forty hands is a classic. Most likely born in the depths of frat houses with pledges wearing diapers, this game quickly became something of awe. Can you make it through without having to pee? We’re not going to lie, we’ve watched plenty of grown men piss themselves. Don’t be one of them. Instead, be a champ. Be Those that Drink.


  • Duct Tape
  • 40’s (Ya, the ones you bought off bums in high school and the ones you might still drink)

Edward 40 Hands Rules:

edward40handsIn Edward Fortyhands the number one goal is to finish before you either puke or piss yourself. It’s a lot harder than it sounds. Here’s an easy breakdown of how to play the game:

Take the duct tape and hold the forties in your hands. Make sure you take off the caps or you’ll be doing it with your teeth. Grab whatever poor soul hasn’t taped their forties to their hands yet and have them help you out. Use the duct tape to cut the circulation off to your chubby fingers. Once everyone has their forties secured in their sweaty palms, start drinking. We like to wait until everyone is ready and start simultaneously. Hopefully you aren’t the guy who decided to pre-game the pre-game cause you probably already have to pee.

Once the drinking commences, open your throat and guzzle your beer. You have about thirty minutes before you’ll be ready to pee and no way to shake it out. This is where your girlfriend condescendingly shakes her head at your and your friends and has to unzip you so you can stick your wiener out and take a leak.

The key to success in any negative situation is not to pee yourself. It’s important to remember that you are an adult and most likely have a job. You have parents, teachers, and bosses that would think of you as a scumbag if they knew you peed yourself because you couldn’t finish a measly 80 ounces of beer.

After you’re done with your beer or you’ve puked a few times remove the duct tape (and the hair on your knuckles) and enjoy the rest of your night. Hopefully you make it out the front door.

Remember Edward 40 hands is a pre-game that turns into your night, so don’t forget to take off your shoes when you fall asleep on the couch.

Warning: This game is NOT for beginners! If you are new to drinking games, you should probably sit this one out. Also, we highly recommend using beer. Don’t be a hero or an idiot and try this with hard alcohol (e.g. whiskey or vodka) – you could get into some serious trouble!

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