Drinking Games for Two

Kings CupLorem Ipsum

Kings Cup

This classic game has dominated party masses across the world. Check out our King’s Cup rules and see how we play.

Drinking by yourself is fine. Trust me, we do it all the time. There’s nothing like a strong buzz to help you fall asleep and meander through the bullshit life throws at you. Drinking with friends is great too. But what if it’s just you and another? Yeah, you can hang out, enjoy each other’s conversation and relax. Especially if that other is someone more than just an other, especially if that someone is special to you.

There’s always something else you can do too. Those that Drink encourages you test out some drinking games for two and let the night unfold. Most of these games are simplified versions of other games we’ve already explained or easily learnable games. If you need something to do with another, a drinking game for two is always a great idea.
Want something calmer? Maybe you’re just relaxing tonight and want to watch a movie. Another great activity for two, spice the movie up by drinking. If you’re in the mood for some competition there are plenty of options. Explore our two person drinking games, made to increase the blood flow to your brain and excitement to your life.

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