Drinking Card Games

Kings CupLorem Ipsum

Kings Cup

This classic game has dominated party masses across the world. Check out our King’s Cup rules and see how we play.

Fuck The Dealer

This game is sure to get you drunk. The less clairvoyant you are, the drunker you will become! Learn the rules and how to play.

ride the bud

Ride The Bus

Riding the bus has never meant what it does in this game. You won’t ever want to be on a bus again.

Circle of Death

Circle of Death

Circle of death is one of the best games in the world. So good you might even die. Just kidding, let’s play.

We’ve scoured the internet and called upon countless years of archaic knowledge to provide Those that Drink visitors with the best drinking card games. These are our favorite games that have survived the test of time.

There are a lot of drinking games out there, but we’ve found our favorite ones with cards to make your life better here. These games include King’s Cup, Circle of Death, Fuck the Dealer, and Ride the Bus. There are a lot of other popular games, but we’ve chosen the ones we have to weed out the trite and only include the best. Probably because we’re the best, at least at drinking.

How simple – all you need is a deck of playing cards, some beer (or booze), and some willing participants, and you are ready to get started!

Being the best means knowing more than others and for every dedicated drinker there are a few must-know games. Many of these games started in college dorm rooms or around glistening, beer-covered tables late at night. We are Those that Drink and you’re damn right we know how to play the best drinking card games and HAVE FUN!

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