In the world of drinking games, beer pong (sometimes referred to as “Beirut”) has to be one of the most popular and widely played games around.  It ticks all the boxes for a really fun night of drinking with your friends.  You can throw relatively harmless balls around and drink lots of beer – what’s not to love? There are lots of theories about the origin of beer pong but most of them involve a bunch of friends sitting around on a cold, snowy, boring Friday night at an east coast liberal arts college looking for something to do.  And just like magic, beer pong is born!

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Size and Dimensions of beer pong table

I would have to guess that most people above the age of 21 have some idea of the general idea of how to play this legendary game.  I mean even if you’re a teetotaler, you would have to live in a cave to be clueless about beer pong.  That being said, do you know the actual way to correctly set up a beer pong table?  I mean seriously  if you are going to invite your buddies over for a beer pong tournament at least show them some respect with an appropriate set up.

Official Beer Pong Table Size

If you’re reading this article, odds are good you’ve had your share of turns playing beer pong in someone’s basement using their old dingy ping pong table.  Bad news ping pong tables are for using paddles not throwing ping pong balls into red cups.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great time but if you want to plan a true World Series of Beer Pong event (it does exist) you need a real beer pong table.  Ping pong tables are 108” (length)  x  60” (width) x 30” (height).  BUT, Beer Pong tables are 96” (length) x 24” (width) x 29” (height).   These official beer pong tables are available for sale at many retailers and they usually fold up for convenient storage so you can have an awesome night of beer pong fun and safely tuck it away in the morning for the next time. Some of the better tables even come with cup holding holes in the official triangle formation, so you don’t have to worry about beer spillage or proper set-up configurations.

If you are handy and really like to get engaged with your hobbies, there are many different instructions to actually build your own beer pong table.

Now that you have your official beer pong table, let’s talk about setup.  WSOBP rules require 10 cups in a tight triangle usually with a holder to keep the cups firmly in place.  But hey, if you have a lot of people waiting for a turn, and there aren’t any trophies at stake, use 6 cups as the turnaround is faster.

Remember, you can’t claim the World Series of Beer Pong championship title if you don’t follow the WSOBP rules.  So, get your set up in place and play on!

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