About Our Anonymity

This is a slice of the internet, a piece of something much larger – something much more grandiose. There is a world out there but right now your inside ours.


What is this? Well, we can start with what it’s not. This is not a space to hate, judge, preach, or scold. This is a place to be. It’s a place to live your life how you want to live it, regardless of what other people say. We’re trying to provide real and valuable information to increase your fun, so let us.


If you’re asking who we are, you can stop now. This might be the ‘About’ page but remaining anonymous is part of who we are. We could be anybody, in any place at any time – and that’s the point. Putting a face or a name to us would be putting a face or a name to our movement, our culture. Our goal is to impress, but not in the way a sports star or a celebrity does. We get our satisfaction out of something much different.


I will tell you this, I am not the person you think I am, and I am not the person you want me to be. Part of my anonymity is a choice, and part of it is a requirement from within myself. Enjoy your stay on Those that Drink.
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